This is an invitation to people who are determined and willing to go through this deep inner work, a journey of self-discovery to land at a state of mind where they can fully acknowledge and celebrate their true nature as a magnificent creator of their wondrously beautiful reality.


This is an invitation to people who are determined and willing to go through this deep inner work, a journey of self-discovery to land at a state of mind where they can fully acknowledge and celebrate their true nature as a magnificent creator of their wondrously beautiful reality.

NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator, NDB Personal Development Program Instructor

Holotropic Breathwork® Facilitator

Counsellor for TAW (Theory of Advanced World)

Train Your Brain Master Course Co-creator

Marcela Krejci, Los Angeles

The work I’ve done with Saemi was profoundly effective and truly life-changing.

I tried different self-development techniques on my liberation journey before but the results I experienced with Saemi and Fractal Psychology can not compare to any of them.

The work with Saemi was a quantum jump for me!

Saemi’s guidance and her skillful recognition of subconscious underlying behavioral and thinking patterns that were causing me problems in certain areas of my life helped me to shift perspective fundamentally. And with the shift of perspective, there comes the shift of everything in life.

My relationships changed. My productivity changed. My creativity expanded. I have much more clarity and understanding than I had before. My capability of being present for myself and others improved greatly.


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Many self-help talks and spiritual guides say, "Start loving yourself first," and that sounds right. But years ago, when I was in a dark place of self-doubt and negative self-talk, had an eating disorder and suicidal thoughts, I had no idea how to love myself. I asked around, "Please teach me how to start loving myself with a step-by-step practice." I was determined to do it, but no one could give me that guidance.

So I set out on a quest to discover self-love.

In my early twenties...


I had a reasonably comfortable life in Tokyo, having a steady job in a prestigious corporation and living at my parents' house with complimentary breakfast and dinner and rent-free.

And there is a hole in my heart not knowing who I was and why I was born as a female, Japanese, and living my life for what purpose.


That notion allowed me to think for myself and decide something for myself for the first time in my life.


I chose to quit my job, leave everything familiar, and move to Los Angeles with one suitcase and broken English to put myself on a journey of self-discovery. That was a giant leap of faith with no certainty or security, yet I dared to step into the unknown because I desperately wanted to explore and discover who I was.

Because of my background and being Japanese, I was conditioned to believe that admitting my weakness was shameful.


Big NO, NO.


When you allow yourself to be honest, humble, and vulnerable, the right wisdom and people will show up to support you to move forward.


All you need is a little courage to say, "Hey, I am sinking. I need some help here!"

Through hard work and determination, for the next 28 years... 

I did well by being self-sufficient and financially supporting myself by being an actor in Hollywood and a published author for a Japanese audience.


From the outside, I might have been perceived as a person who was leading a charmed life...


I was making a living doing what I loved to do and becoming a published author, and purchasing a luxury car and a condominium in the Hollywood Hills.


But, my inner world was completely different.


It was in emotional turmoil with acute loneliness where I was always worried about my future and doubting my ability to survive as an actor with this chant in my head, "I'm not good enough (I have no talent), and no one loves me (No one will hire me and want to work with me)."

And those dark thoughts, self-doubt, and negative self-talk developed into an eating disorder and suicidal thoughts that clouded my judgment and made me feel defeated and even more lonely and alone...

I tried psychotherapy and all sorts of...

... energy healings, self-help books, workshops, and seminars, being on anti-anxiety medications for over 15 years. Still, nothing helped me to produce a permanent shift within.


It took a while, but I never gave up.

 My determination, resiliency, and tenacity were what I discovered to be three of my top strengths through taking this journey.


And several years later, I discovered that... 

what my wounded Inner Child needed was to be connected with the rational part of my brain, which I call Adult Mind and consoled, comforted, and guided by my Adult Mind.

Through Inner Child Work, I could finally reach out to meet my Inner Child. My Inner Child was the one who was in pain with acute loneliness and feeling not good enough, unloved and abandoned. I had to learn how to parent my Inner Child by being patient and compassionate and keep reaching out to her, consoling her, comforting her, and healing her. It was a gradual process, but when my Inner Child started to open up and desired to have more and experience more, I could guide her to expend our energy and potential in the right way, which is outwardly, constructively, and creatively.

And I understood that by enhancing my ability to parent my Inner Child I was, at the same time, cultivating my self-love, compassion, and self-respect within.

When the adult and child parts of me were finally united, I started to grow and expand, moving towards wholeness. I started coming home to my unified self and becoming the person I was born to be, and to become the creator of my reality.

Dr. Farrah Khaleghi

Saemi brought me the greatest gift of all: oneness with myself.

I'm a psychologist and have been in therapy for many years, and meeting with Saemi was meant to target something different...

The work that unfolded over the two years of work together, was coming home to myself.

Through the work with Saemi, I reunited with the child within me and through that journey I healed, recentered, and lived the new intentions I wanted for my life as a responsible, capable, nurturing presence for myself and for my loved ones.

Saemi is a paradigm shift, as a person and in her work.

Embarking on work with Saemi takes commitment, fortitude, and a willingness to change your life from the inside out. The outcomes speak for themselves and I am grateful every day for my time with Saemi.

And, today...

After I had several books (about my journey of self-discovery) published in Japan, I am still making my dreams come true, one at a time. I am thrilled to be who I am and understand that I am exactly where I am supposed to be today and enjoy the process of what I am to become.


And I believe in YOUR potential to create a truly magnificent life.

My unique approach will guide you every step of your journey until you achieve YOUR balance and liberation.

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